Imandra: a revolution in market transparency

Imandra by Aesthetic Integration is groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology that helps ensure financial algorithms are designed and implemented safely and fairly.

From dark pools to trading strategies, Imandra analyses algorithms to help you understand what they do, why they do it, and what can possibly go wrong.

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Imandra Venues sets the new standard for transparency and stability of exchanges and dark pools. Recent fines and glitches highlight the risks of expensive, reputation damaging mistakes. Imandra is your best hedge.


Imandra Markets is a cloud-based ecosystem for sharing client-facing algorithm specifications, radically simplifying the process of design, testing and compliance for your trading systems.


Imandra Contracts analyses blockchain smart contracts, helping you ensure they perform as advertised, and to understand and hedge risks associated with your smart contract positions.

What can possibly go wrong?

A lot. Let Imandra guide you.

What can possibly go wrong?

A lot. Let Imandra guide you.

About Aesthetic Integration

Aesthetic Integration (AI) is a financial technology startup based in the City of London.

Created by leading innovators in software safety, trading system design and risk management, AI’s patent-pending Imandra formal verification technology is revolutionising the safety, stability and transparency of global financial markets.




Denis Ignatovich has over a decade of experience in trading, risk management, quantitative modeling and complex trading system design. Prior to joining AI, he was head of the central risk trading desk at Deutsche Bank London. He holds an MSc in Finance from the London School of Economics and degrees in CS and Finance from UT Austin.



Grant Passmore has more than ten years’ industrial formal verification experience. He has been a key contributor to safety verification of algorithms at Cambridge, Carnegie Mellon, Edinburgh, Microsoft Research and SRI. He earned his PhD from the University of Edinburgh and is a Life Member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.

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